Authentic Confidence – Part One

Cassie Nevitt shares her first key to feeling confident and authentic in any situation, especially those that challenge you most.  This simple tip has helped many women be seen and heard in the way they most want in job interviews, speaking in front of a group, in dating and relationships, and in one-on-one conversation.


8 responses to “Authentic Confidence – Part One

  1. Great Video Cassie! Thanks for sharing and I hope to see you Friday!

  2. Susan Aprati

    Great tip Cassie! Looking forward to 2 and 3. Love what you do as well as your Feminine Presence Class. Keep up the great work! Sue Aprati

  3. CJ Lydon

    Great tips, thanks Cassie!

  4. Cassie, this was very enlightening. I have “felt” these things but never was able to “label” what they are–being in the head bubble and centered. Thank you for posting!

    • I’m so glad to have put a label on things you have already understood through your own experiences! There is power in being able to apply truths you’ve “known” in a practical way once they’ve been defined. Have fun playing with this – can’t wait to hear what shifts for you.

  5. Michael Bogert

    Cassie, thank you for sharing this first video. I have watched it twice and now need to keep this in my awareness. I have many appointments this week but as a newbie salesperson am a bit overwhelmed with learning the ropes. I want to stay grounded and true to my philosophy of giving. This seems like a wonderful way to do so.

    • Mike, what a perfect testing ground to have lots of opportunities to practice this week! You are absolutely right – this will be a simple way to stay grounded and true to yourself without having to complicate all the new thought processes you are working with. Great luck using this out there and I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!

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