The Safest, Most Effective Pilates
Chicago Has to Offer

When it comes to Pilates Chicago is fortunate to boast a strong community of some of the top trained instructors in the world, bringing you as close to the source, founder, Joseph Pilates, as it gets.

Joseph Pilates entrusted his life’s work to his protégé, Romana Kryzanowska, who established the Romana’s Pilates instructor certification program. Romana’s Pilates instructors are hand-picked, and have completed rigorous training and individual testing to ensure that Joseph’s work will continue to be taught and understood in the way he envisioned. Chicago has a wealth of Romana’s Pilates certified instructors, and is highly sought-after for continuing education and instructor training.

Pilates is a method of exercise that strengthens the body from the inside out, accessing the deep muscles of your core, (abs, hips, and thighs), that most of us never even knew we had.

The Pilates method was developed to create wellness of mind, body, and spirit, and achieves muscular balance that supports the optimal function of bones, joints, and organs. The Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine acknowledges that “Pilates exercises…help improve flexibility, joint mobility and strength. They can help you develop long, strong muscles, maintain a strong back and improve your posture”.† This combination adds up to greater enjoyment of and performance in physical activities, diminished discomfort, and improved quality of life. Going through the motions barely scratches the surface of the method – you’ll be amazed at what your body can do when you have a trained set of eyes on you to correct your technique.

Vibrant Body, Inc. was founded by Romana’s Pilates certified instructor, Cassie Nevitt. Cassie teaches private lessons and group mat classes in Glen Ellyn and Chicago.

Cassie and the the many Romana’s Pilates certified instructors in the area are pleased to bring you the safest, most effective Pilates Chicago has to offer.

†Sood, M.D., Amit. “Pilates.” Mayo Clinic: Book of Alternative Medicine. 2nd ed. New York, NY: Time, 2010. Print.



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